IMG fb7598683c5173e7d828d712639cfb0b VOur ward Osiya Zulfonova, who last summer was taken to the City Medical Center No. 3 with 65% severe body burns, 45% of which were deep. With the support of the Charity Foundation "Lona" underwent several operations, which were performed by the professor, President of the Association of Plastic Surgeons of Europe Edgar Beamer. She also passed a long course of rehabilitation.IMG d15e32e09d6de2e120980c7b073d55c7 V
Osiya boldly went to first class of secondary school today.
She goes to school with pleasure and no longer remembers the severe postoperative pain. Osiya's parents are glad that their child is on the mend and has not withdrawn. She is still under medical supervision and the Charity Foundation “Lona” is constantly monitoring her health.