Known wise man Luqmoni Hakim was asked: «Which clothes never will decay? ». He answered: "Reputation". Indeed, kind and blessing are worthy human acts which are never forgotten.     

The goods and generosity of Charity Fund "Lona" also found a haven in hearts of tens patients cured or being on treatment. All those persons who suffered from this terrible illness and the significant contribution to their treatment brought by Charity fund “Lona”, today thank the Founder and employees of the given fund. Now "Lona" became the house of hope for them. The gratitude full of love of teenagers and their parents inspires the employees of the Fund “Lona" strengthening their steps in this noble business.

For acknowledgement of the expressed ideas we shall address to the several letters of thanks concerning to employees of Fund "Lona":

On behalf of mothers of children suffering from cancer which are on treatment in children's ward of the Oncological Center of Republican Clinical Hospital Qara Bolo to the employees of the Charity Fund "Lona"! 

Accept infinite gratitude of mothers and fathers of children suffering from this terrible illness and nowadays with the big hope are on treatment in the above-stated hospital under direction of skilled, careful doctors.  

As it is known for each person health is the greatest treasure. All other riches are got on a background of health. Therefore all other riches have no value in comparison with health. Someone is presented by Allah with health wholly and to another it gets by life. However, the person should thank Allah for the destiny and hope for the safe future.

One of illnesses of the past and the present which disturbed a world society is cancer disease.

In view of the given illness is awful the modern medicine tries to find new and best ways of struggle with it. This fact served occurrence of tens medicines which are used for eradication and destruction of the given illness. It is very sad that purchase of the given medicines for long time for patients suffering from given disease is very heavy burden and requires heavy financial expenses. Economic world crisis created a number of problems for the population of our republic.

Plus to it God forbid if in family someone falls ill with this illness it leads to many problems.

Therefore the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan shows care of such people. But it is not enough for elimination of the given problem. Alongside with it there are funds, the Charity organizations and separate benevolent people which by the support bring the contribution to the given direction.

The Charity Fund "Lona" founded at the closely helps children with oncological diseases. Certainly, both children and the parents emotionally suppressed and require not only financial, but moral support.

It is very pleasant that employees of Charity fund "Lona” understand it very well. Thanks Allah that there are a number of pitiful and generous people as you. With your help we could get some necessary medicines and could continue treatment of the child that is our basic purpose.

The organization by you of a various sort of concert programs, theatrical representations, granting of sweets, various clothes and toys pleases children and warms hearts of their parents. We think you will receive double good fortune from the acts accomplished by you. And it is not casual that the fund is named "Lona" that means "nest" - a place where nestlings are born and are preserved against harmful factors of the nature. And nestlings, from a nest opening the wings, begin the first flight. And let your new fund will be for our children and for other needy children the house of hope.

It is very sad that at such early age children meet such heavy difficulties and your moral and financial assistance will help them to recover and serve the native land in the future. With deep respect:

1. Bahromova Gulibogh
2. Odinaeva Mahbuba
3. Alieva Mehriniso
4. Eshmurodova Shohsanam
5. Eshmurodova Bibi
6. Bobourodova Bakhtigul
7.Yuldosheva B.
8. Sherov B.
9. Asrorova M.
10. Farkhuddinova Iqbolbi
11. Ashurova Nodira
12. Saidov Muborak
13. Rafieva Mohpocho
14. Nazarova Mavluda
15. Kholiqov Ismatullo
16. Mahmurodova Latofat
17. Guloeva Bunafsha

Note: In the given list there is signatures of all 17 person.