Be always benevolent and kind to people.

The life is like streamy waterfall the current of which is sometime heavy and sometime quiet. Human essence is to help other people with different vital situations. And consequently the number of the organizations and establishments, as well as noble people which wish is to help the Charity Fund "Lona" every day increases.

As they have understood to support the person in a difficult minute is the best human qualities. Responsible persons of the Charity Fund "Lona" express the gratitude to heads of the organizations, the enterprises, societies such as «Babilon-T», «Oriyonbank», Open Company "Rohat", Open Society « International airport of Dushanbe », «Asia plus», «Spitamencapital», «Tceel», «Kaynak», «Green Gate Trading FZE », «Cumitai Imdod», "Vostok-Volna", group of companies «Al-shafar» from the United Arab Emirates of Dubai and all those people who have taken part in this noble deeds. And they are quite assured that the given list will replenish in due course.

We guarantee a transparency of use of any means received to the account of Charity Fund “Lona" acting with one purpose to help sick children in purchase of medicines and the necessary medical equipment.

Presentation of the charity fund "Lona"

You can also get detailed information about the fund in a prepared presentation