IMG зайчяягубаобщ. On October 7 this year, the “Lona Charity” Foundation launched a new project with children with congenital facial pathologies (lip cleft and cleft palate) together with the Scientifically - clinical institute of stomatology and maxillofacial surgery.
Cleft lip and cleft palate is a developmental defect that occurs in the first two months of pregnancy when the maxillofacial organs form. 
Risk factors are considered viral diseases in the early stages, gynecological pathology, as well as the effect on the mother's body in the first three months of pregnancy by chemical, mental and biological factors.
If the upper lip and / or palate is not closed, an operation is performed: cheiloplastic - correction of the upper lip (performed from 2 months) and uranoplastic - correction of the palate (performed from 1.5-2 years of age).
The project was organized in connection with a large number of requests for help from parents who had this problem.
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Having reviewed the capabilities of the Foundation, a list of 20 children from poor families with congenital facial pathology was compiled.
These operations should preferably be carried out up to 2 years, but due to financial problems, parents are forced to postpone operations. The list contains older children too, who would like to correct the existing defect.
The Lona Charitable Foundation has allocated funds for the examination and surgery of 20 children. These children are tested and prepared for surgery one by one.