IMG d6029dd57f165a8b0f08191aadcac160 VAn orphanage is an educational institution for children who have lost their parents or left without their care. This is a place where children despite their age need love and attention. Unfortunately, children all over the world are losing their parents for various reasons.
There are several dozen orphanages and boarding schools in Tajikistan. Based on the possibilities, the management and representatives of the Charity Foundation "Lona" visit several boarding schools a year.
On October 9, 2020, the stuff Charity Foundation “Lona”
visited the Ergash Yamokov boarding school in Shakhrituz district. The boarding school is home for 78 children, partly orphans, 20 of whom are girls. Children from 7 to 17 years old live and study in this boarding school.
The Foundation prepared bags, a set of clothes, underwear, a headdress, a face towel and sweet gifts for each child.FB IMG 16026050382220762
By the arrival of the Foundation's employees, the children of the boarding school were very happy. Each of them wanted to express his gratitude by reading poems about the mother, homeland and peaceful heaven on earth. After that, all the children went to the dining room for lunch.
Director of the boarding school G. Kurbanova thanked the staff of the “Lona” Charity Foundation for the attention and opportunities given to children. The director of Foundation Bobokhonov Dzhurakhon wished pupils health, good studies, and thanked the management of boarding school for the good supervision and upbringing children. 
 Even though it was cloudy that day, our soul felt sunny and warm from the joy of children.