267feef4d2d104c2afce708b486c3f2dThe 1st of June in Tajikistan, as in many countries of the world, the International Children's Day is celebrated.
For the first time, International Children’s Day was held in 1950. The decision to hold it was made by the International Democratic Federation of Women at a special session in November 1949. The UN supported this initiative and declared the protection of the rights, life and health of children one of the priority areas of its activities.
Children's Day is not only a fun holiday for the children themselves, it is also a reminder to society about the necessity of  protecting the rights of the children so that they all could grow up happy, study, do what they love and become wonderful parents and citizens of their country in the future.
Charity Foundation "Lona" congratulates all the children of the world, and wishes them childish happiness and health, not to be sick ever and shouldn't know any pain.