To: the «International airport of Dushanbe », Shopping Center "TIM", Shopping Center "Paykar", Furniture Shop "Cosiness", "Bogatyr" and a dining room «Formula-1»

The Charity Fund "Lona" with greater satisfaction of joint fruitful cooperation thanks for the help and support in exhibiting Charity boxes in the International Airport of Dushanbe, Shopping Center "TIM", Furniture Shop "Cosiness" and the Bogatyr and in a dining room "Formula-1". We perfectly understand that support of helpless originates from the supreme human advantage, compassion and generosity. Our true purpose is comprehensive support of helpless, in particular children and teenagers suffering of terrible illness - a cancer. If the destiny at the beginning of a vital way is ruthless to them we – healthy people should help them.  

We are sure that means of generous people collecting in these Charity boxes, will went to the settlement account of Charity Fund "Lona" and with all transparency will go on treatment of any patient, will serve as enthusiasm of the despaired patient who lost hope.

Comprehending this essence characteristic only for just and educated persons with hope for strengthening of the further cooperation in the name of health of a society of native Tajikistan we wish you and all your staff good luck and successes.