Since 1963 the health services of oncological patients in the Republic of Tajikistan is carried out in the 10th corpse of hospital of Qara Bolo where patients receive a specialized treatment. The governmental order of the Republic of Tajikistan with number 415 from 07.09.2006 and the Decision of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Tajikistan with number 604 from 26.10.2006 the hospital has been transformed to Official body of the Scientific Oncological Center of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Tajikistan.

Now there are 235 beds in the center, seven wards function in it, including ward of oncoproctourological illnesses- for 35 beds, reproductive-25 beds, children's-30 beds, the general-35 beds, chemistry - 35 beds, torocoabdominal – 35 beds and beam therapy - 40 beds.

med 1The center receives patients from all republic, renders them specialized oncological treatment. Also in the center the advisory polyclinic which has an opportunity of diagnosing more than 250 patients in day functions. The histological laboratory, ward of immune-hystochemical diagnostics functions by means of which after conduction of surgical operation morphological diagnostics is conducted.

The children's ward of the Scientific Oncological Center is formed in 1987. The ward consists of 6 doctors and 6 nurses. It is base establishment on children's oncology and includes multipurpose tasks. The ward differs from other establishments for treatment and diagnostics. In children's ward except for treatment and diagnostics of brain-growth and blood, it is conducted all kinds of diagnostics and treatment of tumours. In the given ward surgical treatment, chemotherapy, cytostatic polychemotherapy and new methods of treatment of children with oncological diseases is conducted.

According to statistical data annually in the ward more than 60 percent of patients are children with oncology, in the ward 35 percent of children with non-cancerous growth and 5 percent with non-oncological diseases are diagnosed and treated. Out of total of patients with cancerous growth 55 percent make patients with lymphomas (Hodgkin illness and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma). A significant part of cancerous growth, cancerous growth of bones, nephroblastoma, retinoblastoma, tumours of soft fabrics, terato(blasto)ma with various displacements make from 4 up to 8 percent.

 med 2Unfortunately, patients with a cancerous growth are hospitalized in ward in III-IV after diagnostics and inspection that negatively influences efficiency of their treatment. One of principal causes, first of all, consists in shortage of experts-oncologists in primary medical-preventive establishments and in a low level of erudition of the population.

The basic method of treatment of cancerous growth is cytostatic chemotherapy, 77 percent of complex treatment of tumours fall at children. Surgical treatment of cancerous growth is used in a combination to other kinds of treatment. About 80 % of patients with non-cancerous growth are treated by surgical methods, owing to them are observed positive dynamics of recover of patients. For the last years in the ward unlike the last years surgical operations are conducted more often. The basic treatment of cancerous growth is conducted with use pf cytostatic drugs.

Methods of chemotherapeutic treatment are used in the ward. Application and introduction of chemotherapeutic treatment is carried out with children in the age of till 2 years, till 2005 this method for treatment of children of the specified age earlier was not applied.

 Experts of the ward for increase of their qualification annually participate in the congresses and other international actions on oncology and raise the qualification in the oncological centers outside republic.