The child for each person is the dearest and invaluable like life. The life becomes interesting and sweet when the sonorous voice of your child sounds in it. And undoubtedly all pleasures have no value without infecting laughter of the child. Without sincere and physical health the life loses the paints. Especially, if there is a sick child in a family. Unfortunately, statistical data confirm that last years the number of children with oncological diseases has increased.

 Detection of such illness breaks rest and happiness of each family. Parents and relatives of such patients make all efforts for struggle against this disease. Treatment of such patients is very complex and requires heavy expenses.

Considering the given position the Charity Fund “Lona” made it aims to help children suffering from diseases of cancer or with burns of a body for their recover. One can formulate differently that the nest itself is hope for people in need. It indeed is a nest of hope and confidence of patients and their relatives in the best future. It is necessary to note that since 2009 Charity Fund "Lona" was founded and during short time of the activity rendered the practical help to sick children with analogical diseases.

Undoubtedly after acquaintance with other pages of our site you are convinced of it.