The Charity Fund "Lona" from first days of the foundation develops the fruitful cooperation with the various organizations and establishments. On this basis between children's ward of the Republican Scientific Centre of oncology of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Tajikistan and the Fund the beginning of very useful cooperation was incorporated.

During this period Charity Fund "Lona" helped about more than 100 people with cancer diseases as well. Patients - inhabitants of different areas of Tajikistan appreciate employees of the Fund for free aid.

Also some sicks with the burns being in the clinical hospital №3 of the city of Dushanbe recovered at support of the given Fund completely.
On the basis of cooperation the Children's Ward of the Republican Scientific Centre of Oncology were supplied with medicines and the newest technologies that will serve improvement of health of patients.

Alongside with it the employees of the center also organize a different sort of events and programs such as «Tabassum», «Nigohi mehr», all to help health of patients.

The Fund "Lona" plans to expand further the activity and by that to open the branches in various districts of republic and to help all needy people. For realization of this noble purpose the given center requires support of the organizations, establishments and businessmen - the people ready to charity.